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Mushrooms - the perfect complement to fruit and vegies for a healthy diet.

Mushrooms have all the attributes of a super food. They are nutrient-rich, flavour-rich, low in kilojoules, high in bioactive compounds, contain anti-cancer compounds, are easy to buy and affordable.


Highly nutritious mushrooms contain more B group vitamins, vitamin D, selenium and the antioxidant ergothioneine, than found in fruit and vegetables. They are the only non-animal food to have naturally occuring vitamin D - generated when they are exposed to any light.


They provide more riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid and biotin than any vegetable per serve. Mushrooms have high levels of antioxidants which help the body fight toxic free-radicals and maintain good health.


They are also a rich source of folate and potassium; a regular intake of which can help prevent stroke, high blood pressure and heart disease and they are a great source of fibre to keep us healthy on the inside.


Not only are mushrooms low in kilojoules and energy density, research has found they are filling and dampen the appetite at subsequent meals, making them an ideal weight control food.


The attributes of mushrooms makes them an perfect complement to fresh fruit and vegetables as part of a healthy diet. Just one serve of mushrooms, or 100g, (equivalent to three button mushrooms or one flat mushroom) is a simple and delicious way to eat one of the recommended 2&5 serves of fruit and vegetables each day.


Source: Mushrooms for Life, Australian Mushroom Growers Association

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Fast growers

Fast growers

Mushrooms double in size every 24 hours with a growth rate of four per cent an hour. Freshness and quality depend on them being picked at the right time.

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