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Three sizes of mushrooms - buttons, cups and flats - are under cultivation at any one time.

Parwan Valley Mushrooms produces some 2,600 tonnes of white and brown agaricus bisporus mushrooms a year with nearly 10,000 square metres under cultivation at a time.


Mushrooms are produced in a range of sizes - determined by the duration of growing time - including buttons (under 35mm), cups (more than 35mm) and flats (60mm-130mm).


Parwan Valley mushrooms are produced in a growing medium, or substrate, of compost and black peat prepared in the three crucial and separate phases of blending, pasteurising and spawning over a period of nine to 10 days.


The substrate used at Parwan Valley Mushrooms is prepared by a Bendigo-based specialist bulk compost supplier and transported to the faciity twice a week.


Custom-made mushroom beds are stacked on a series of shelves, especially designed to enable harvesting from either side. They are laid with a layer of pasteurised compost, spawned with mushroom mycelium and covered with a layer of casing soil.


From start to finish, each mushroom crop requires 12 weeks to produce three flushes or "breaks". Yield starts to decline after the third flush and the compost is  "cooked off", removed and replenished for the next cycle to begin.


Parwan Valley mushrooms are picked by hand and packed directly from the beds into bulk 4kg cartons for transporation to market.


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Parwan Valley Mushrooms has SQF2000 L3 accreditation.

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