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Fresh, natural mushrooms are produced using the latest in mushroom technology.

Australia's mushroom industry is among the top 10 most valuable horticultural crops as more and more consumers turn to the mushroom as a healthy and versatile food option.


Parwan Valley Mushrooms sent its first products to market in 2012 and continues to expand annually. According to the Australian Mushroom Growers' Association (AMGA), annual domestic agaricus production in 2008/2009 was 61,000 tonnes with a farm gate value of $300 million.


Mushrooms have consistently been among the fresh produce items at the forefront of a healthy-eating trend for some time and researchers continue to reveal startling new health benefits as a result of eating them.


At Parwan Valley Mushrooms, we are committed to producing premium, fresh and natural commodity mushrooms using the latest in mushroom production and technology to suit our key customers' requirements year `round . With the support of our customers, we are also exploring opportunities for specialty and value-added mushroom lines for future implementation.


We also work closely with the Australian Mushroom Growers' Association (AMGA) - one of Australia's most effective peak industry bodies - to market and promote Australian mushrooms.

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Cycle of life

Cycle of life

The same mushroom crop is harvested progressively over several weeks to produce mushrooms in different sizes of buttons, cups and flats.

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From mushroom farm to plate, food safety meaures are adhered to throughout the Parwan Valley Mushrooms' supply chain.

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